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LEGO®: Master Builder Academy

This fun video entitled “It’s a Great Day for Building” showcases a teenage boy who gives a peak into his daily experience with LEGO® Master Builder Academy.

LEGO®: Bringing Bag-end to Life

This fun and exciting video documents the six-week building of a life-size model of “An Unexpected Gathering” for LEGO®.

LEGO®: Iron Man

This video takes the viewer behind the scenes of the LEGO® Master Builder creation of Iron Man.

LEGO® Microsquare™

Twenty-four episodes of LEGO® Microsquare™ have been produced. This episode from season one focussed on “The Details.”

LEGO®: Ford Explorer

This time-lapse video for LEGO® highlights the building of a full size Ford Explorer from LEGO® bricks.

Legrand: adorne™ Modular Track Installation

This video was part of a series of modular videos produced for Legrand targeting the female do it yourself (DIY) audience. This video focused on how to install an adorne™ modular track for the under-cabinet lighting system. The web videos are accessible on the Legrand website.

Callaway Golf: FT Irons

This video produced entirely from 3D graphic images was designed to promote a new product line of irons for Callaway Golf.